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Need Spring Break

Thank goodness Friday is such an easy day. It's all that stands between me and a whole week of freedom!

Yeah, right. "Hey Minna, you're at home today, why don't you vacuum, empty the dishwasher, start some laundry, etc etc?"

Anyway, a couple of things for your viewing pleasure:

* A new pic I just finished of the Egyptian goddess Isis. I used a new method of coloring, as well as my writing pad to sign the finished product (about all it's good for). I plan to use this pic, minus the black background, as part of the layout of the website I'm hoping to have up before the end of the semester.

* Happy Tree Friends. A joyous little webtoon. We've been addicted to it at work for a little while now. It is the ultimate sin, but damn it, it's funny!
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