Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

The rich get richer- and you paid for it

So, that $700 billion bailout that you and I, Average Grub Wage Slave, are paying for with our tax dollars?

The recipients of that money have set aside $108 billion of it, over fifteen percent... for BONUSES.

Reward money for the same people who caused the fucking problems in the first place.

From the article:
"The bonuses would reportedly range from around $100,000 for a lower-level employee to over $1 million for senior employees. Experts have said the payouts will be plumper than they would have been in such a disastrous year because of the taxpayer money flowing into the institutions."

I don't care what your political affiliation happens to be. If that right there doesn't make your blood boil... could I have a cut of your bonus check?

Congress passed this stupid bailout, and handed these banks all this cash, without any stipulations on how the banks had to spend it. The same assholes who ran entire financial institutions into the ground- who have screwed thousands of people out of jobs, matching 401(k) contributions from their employers, investments, homes, and decent retirements- can roll around naked in big piles of OUR tax dollars, and there's really nothing anyone can do about it.

Or, is there?

I'm going to find out who in Congress, for my state, voted for this fucking bailout. I'm going to call them tomorrow, and- if they're up for reelection this year- tell them that they can forget about my vote next Tuesday.
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