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I finally redeemed my "cluepon" (that pic is hilarious, purrsia!) and rid myself of AOL more or less entirely. I have the same e-mail address as before, only at Hotmail's domain instead. So far I've been having trouble receiving e-mail from certain people, and can't get mail from my Yahoo! Groups at all, but hopefully everything will work its way out.

Before tonight, I had no idea just how friggin' expensive wedding cake toppers are. I wanted to find a nice, small, cute little castle to stick on top of our cake... cheapest one I've seen that actually looked like a castle was $45, with the really nice ones soaring into the $110 region. I'm tempted to just make a run for the craft store and glue some gold rickrack onto a block of styrofoam.

My latest creative project: tooling around with a MIDI sequencer. I've played piano/keyboard since my formative years and have come up with a few neat songs I always wanted to share with people, but had no real way of doing so 'til I mastered MIDI sequencing software- which I'm far from doing, believe me, but I'm at least better now than when I started, heh. I've got a couple songs done that I think are okay, including a remix of Tygra's theme music (from ThunderCats). If you're a member of the TCATGR, you can find it in the files section. Otherwise, if you're curious to hear it, lemme know and I'll schlep it to you via e-mail.

Man, if I could just channel all of my creative energies into ONE THING, I think I'd actually be really decent at something =P

Horrid icky Operating Systems midterm tomorrow. Wish me luck. =)

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