Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Fark: "She's going to jail to become someone's ditch"


Screw politics. This bitch was harming Pittsburgh's reputation. I'm so glad the authorities smelled the obvious bullshit.

I know exactly where that ATM is. I drive past it all the time. It's in a nice neighborhood, on a busy thoroughfare with multiple bars and shops on it, and there are always tons of parked cars on both sides of the street. The whole thing was damn fishy to me to begin with. How does no one see this attack? How does the attacker know which parked car on that street is hers? Why does someone who's there to rob her want to up the ante by physically attacking her instead of grabbing the money and running?

Also- carving the "B" backwards? The eyeshadow "black eye" that's not at all swollen? Total Fail.

She claims to have mental issues. I don't disagree.

I hate when shit like this happens. Girls who actually get attacked have a harder time getting help thanks to these attention-mongering asshats.

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