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...To what extent do you think it's okay to be friends with your professor?

My prof for Roman Civ is a pretty cool guy. He used to be a computer programmer before deciding he wanted to give that up and go back to school for something that had always interested him (i.e., ancient history). So there, right off the bat, we have stuff in common. He's also a Trekker and a PC gamer. Is this getting uncanny or what? ;)

Nick is trying to set up a LAN gaming session among our mutual friends for every Monday night, so I took the plunge (as per Nick's encouragement) and invited my prof to join us. He only lives about 15-20 minutes away- unlike most of my friends, who live in Oakland or even further north- so it's an ideal arrangement, and he seemed pretty psyched about coming over to play.

So am I overstepping my bounds here? I know I have this thing for saying I don't care what other people think, and that I should be telling my insecurities to jump up my butt (ouch), but I still have this voice in my head that keeps saying, "You should wait until the semester's over."

But come on, really... I asked him over because I genuinely think he's a nice guy and would be a good friend. I'm not looking for any "unfair advantage." Remember, this is ancient history we're talking here. The stuff I study on my own like the life-deficient geek I am because I'm genuinely fascinated by it. I was busting out As before I ever started talking to him on a friend-to-friend basis. So I should really get a grip and tell myself to relax and have fun, shouldn't I?
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