December 4th, 2009


House Update

Mortgage: Commitment letter is in the mail, at last! Part of the mortgage commitment process involves the bank sending an appraiser to the house- you know, so they can rest assured they're not ponying up six figures for a rusty tin shack. Obviously, the house appraised high enough to satisfy the bank. Once we get the commitment letter, we'll get to see how much the appraiser thought it was worth. Its location is an important factor. An appraiser from Pittsburgh might understand that, whereas an appraiser from Erie wouldn't.

Insurance: Once the commitment letter arrives, we can pay for this and get it squared away.

Closing: December 21, in Squirrel Hill. We'd thought it might be in Downtown at first, which is all kinds of fun to try to drive through on late weekday afternoons. Squill is practically across the street, so that's a positive change.

Moving: Still have to figure out when we'd like to make the big haul. The holidays make it hard to sneak out before the end of December, so we'll probably have to stay in our apartment until January. If we're dropping the rent for the full month, we can take our time with vacating. On the other hand, we'll have two sets of utilities to maintain until we vacate. We'll turn the temp way down in the house until we're in there, and we obviously wouldn't be using much electricity until we're in there either, but still. *shrug*