June 14th, 2009

Iran election

More updates re: Iran

* Iranian citizens living aboard are allowed to vote in the election. The polling stations in Los Angeles were still open when Ahmadinejad was declared the winner.

* With the paper balloting system in place, it's highly doubtful that all the ballots in the country were gathered up and hand-counted within the space of a day. Ballot boxes are being trashed and burned.

* Protests still ongoing. Still no word from anyone I know in Tehran.

My mom doubts that this is going to lead to any real change, but we're being optimistic nonetheless. It's extremely hard to rally groups of people against the government. Known leaders are arrested, and children are more or less taught to be spies in school. "If you hear Mommy/Daddy say anything like this, you should report it" etc.
Iran election


Got a long email from my cousin in Sanandaj! Family seems to be OK, but obviously very disappointed about how the election turned out. It's been a long-held suspicion that their votes don't matter. Even so, people got their butts out to vote this time, in record numbers... and now they know they don't matter.

Riots seem to be calming now, most of the leaders have been arrested. Still lots of chanting and marching in the streets, though. Land-line phones and electricity seem to be back up in Tehran, but cell phones are still down.

Mousavi has called for a rally tomorrow in Tehran.

No idea what will happen from here.