May 3rd, 2009


Hooray Beer!

Over the weekend, we finally cleared out our storage unit and Goodwilled a ton of stuff. My parents were nice enough to rent a van and help us with the loading and unloading, so props to them. There's now a lot of stuff in my car that must somehow find a home in our wee apartment. We'll figure it out.

The best part of our moving adventure was when my mom suggested stopping at a little hole in the wall in Canonsburg to pick up pizza. Not only did this place have pizza, but they also sold beer by the bottle, and you could buy mix-and-match six packs!!

Now, to those of you living in civilized states/provinces, this is no big deal. To those of us in the land of the commonwealth-controlled liquor stranglehold monopoly, who must buy beer at special commonwealth-owned stores where they sell nothing smaller than a 24-pack, this pizza place is a WONDERFUL MAGICAL LAND OF MAGIC AND WONDER. They even had the fabulously expensive raspberry lambic I'm so fond of, and the mix-and-match is letting us try new beers for the first time in ages (seriously, do you want to buy 24 beers you might not like?).

Only a relative handful of restaurants in all of Pennsylvania have the license to sell beer in six- and 12-packs. Not a single grocery or convenience store does. We're definitely keeping this place in mind whenever we make the trek south of Pittsburgh to visit my family.