March 15th, 2009



I like Google Earth a lot, but I find this amazing. (Given that I work with mapping software every day, that's saying something.) You can explore the landing sites of probes/rovers, watch "tour" videos, and download new hi-res satellite imagery as it's collected. You can even fly an F16 through Valles Marineris! How's that for a trench run?

We went to the art and history museums and trolled around Craig Street this afternoon, where I have a lot of college-based memories. We found a lot of ridiculously neat stuff at the used/rare bookstore, and I walked away with a big book of Mucha prints. We also bought this salt-and-pepper shaker set, because seriously, who can resist that much cute?

Stuff I'm looking forward to:
  • A new IMAX movie about Greece previews this Wednesday. As museum members, we get to go to that if we want.
  • Nowruz this Friday! We'll be celebrating with my family on Saturday. Crap, gotta buy presents. I would also love to do a sofreh-yeh haft sin, but I don't know where I'd set it up in our apartment. Besides, Rochester would demolish it in roughly ten seconds.
  • Our first trip to the Opera. We're going to see La Bohème in two weeks- it's my birthday present from Remy. It's opening night for that show, so we can dress up fancy if we like.
  • Remy's birthday in April. I will be making his annual tiramisu.
  • Our third wedding anniversary in May. We have the same plan as last year: a nice dinner downtown, and a night in a suite at the Omni William Penn. I arranged for a "romance" package where the hotel will give us champagne the day we check in, and breakfast in bed the next morning.
  • Our "do nothing" vacation from work, which we're planning to take the week of Memorial Day.
  • I had a really horrible introduction to chemistry in tenth grade. I understood the basics, but little else. Physics made a lot more sense to me, thanks to the good teachers I had for that, so I pursued physics for the rest of high school. (Amusingly, my mom is a Ph.D. organic chemist who avoided physics in school.) Well, now I would like to correct that gap in my knowledge. I enjoy self-teaching, so I'll probably hunt down some online primers. I also have tons of B&N gift cards if/when I want any books.