December 14th, 2008


Game 14: 13-9 (W)

My throat is sore from screaming, and I'm one more skipped heartbeat away from a major cardiac episode. Steelers pulled it off at the wire, once again. Ward had a pretty big game too, which always makes me happy.

Even happier? We've clinched our division, and a first-round bye in the playoffs. And with the Texans' amazing win versus the Titans, there's a possibility we'll leapfrog Tennessee and clinch the first seed (and thus home field advantage throughout the playoffs).

That would be neat, but I'm happy enough with our guaranteed spot in the playoffs, and a first-round bye is huge too!

Of course, Ravens fans are whining that the refs handed this one to us. I admit, that one first down early on was kinda shady, but so were all those missed calls on blatant pass interference and holding by the Ravens. The Holmes TD was a TD, plain and simple.

As someone put it on Fark: "Different bird, same whine."