Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

We're Headed Into Overtime (and Errata)

Working overtime at the moment, watching some remote customers deploying a few WARs into WebLogic. It's every bit as exciting as it sounds.

Rochester got me good today. When Remy came home, I told him about what a good boy Rochester had been all day: the things he normally does to annoy or try to get attention, he didn't do at all. Just as I finish praising this cat, I find that he's chewed clean through my yarn. (I'm knitting another scarf, this time a thinner "Romana" version of the Tom Baker pattern using more pinks and tans. I have a long brown coat that I think it'll go great with.)

In other news, we are Vegas-bound this December. Our hotel room will have a jacuzzi in it, and we have tickets for Penn and Teller. Still miffed that they closed the Star Trek Experience before I got a chance to revisit or renew vows there.
Tags: scarf, work

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