December 31st, 2007


Kitty Update II: The Wrath of UT-Health Food

The past few days have been an emotional rollercoaster. First Rochester is feeling better, then he isn't, then he is.

Yesterday was pretty bad for him. He had refused to eat his easy-to-digest stuff the night before, so we had given him a few kibbles of his normal food. At 5 AM, he puked. All day long, he hid under our bed, which is very unusual for him. Our little Achilles never pines in his tent.

Our awesome vet met us at his office, even though it was closed for the holiday, so that he could give Rochester some meds and fluids. (Awesome.) When we told him the sequence of events, he told us it's possible that Rochester is allergic to his normal food- which isn't actually all that "normal." After his UTI scare a few weeks ago, that vet (different one than this vet) had given us UT-friendly food and told us to switch our cats to it. So, we had. Both cats liked it, and seemed to be okay with it. Maybe with Rochester, not so much.

So yes, Rochester hid a majority of the day yesterday. Any time we offered him food, he'd sniff at it and look away. Given that eating is this cat's favorite hobby, it was distressing to see. We bought turkey and rice to boil and feed him as a last resort. Finally, though, he ate a little of the easy-to-digest food last night. Not even a fraction of what he normally eats at night, but it was something.

This morning, however, we woke up to two wonderful things.
- No puke.
- A meowing Rochester (i.e., "Feed me!").

He dug right in to the food he had been shunning before, and ate quite a bit. He also drank from his water dish (after kicking it around a lot, as is his custom), which he hasn't done in days. He's been purry and cuddly and attention-craving. He even lets us pet his belly, despite the fact that it's bare and suture-ridden.

I'm very much hoping this positive trend continues, and that cutting out the UT food is what does the trick.