October 15th, 2007


This is NOT a test

Fire drill at a hotel- that's a first. Just got back inside and saw what time it is. Sheesh.

I was trying to sleep, but not all that successfully, so no biggie. The alarm went off, I listened incredulously for a few moments before turning on a light, throwing on some clothes, and trudging down nine flights of stairs to ground level. Outside, I wound up chatting and joking with a couple of nice guys- one works for GE, another for NYS- and also discovered a fellow Pitt alumna, as coincidence would have it.

The police showed up first. Actually, a patrol car drove past first, then came back, ostensibly to figure out why the hell a bunch of people were loitering outside of a hotel, up to half of whom were bleary-eyed and wearing night clothes. Then another patrol car came, then finally the fire truck, siren blaring. Sorry gang, false alarm, but thanks for checking up on us anyhow. Glad it wasn't a real fire, 'cause I didn't have the presence of mind to grab anything more than my room key and driver's license.

Whoops- did I neglect to mention that I'm in Albany on business for the week? I'm staying in a part of downtown that I'm not familiar with, and experience up to this point has done little to endear me to it, but the people at the hotel (both staff and guests) are very nice.

My coworkers will enjoy this anecdote, I think... and will probably be poking my somnolent form with a pencil around 3:00 PM tomorrow to try to determine whether I still live. I doubt I'm getting any sleep tonight. No Remy + travel + Sunday night is bad enough, now add "midnight fire drill reminiscent of college days" to the mix.