August 19th, 2007

Patrick Troughton

Xmas in August

I finally finished knitting the scarf today. Woohoo! When Remy puts it around his neck, both ends nearly hit the floor. The beginning end is about an inch and a half wider than the end I just finished- my stitches got tighter as I gained more practice knitting- but it's not terribly noticeable when someone's wearing the scarf. I still need to add the tassels, which will increase the scarf's length by 12 to 14 inches (haven't decided if I'm doing 6- or 7-inch tassels yet), but I'll save that for later. Right now, I'm a little yarned out.

When it's finished finished, there will be many pictures.

If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, here are all my past entries regarding this endeavor.


In other not-as-nice news, some asshat decided it'd be fun to meander down the sidewalk of our street, smashing side-view mirrors on cars parked there. My car's passenger side mirror was one of the victims of this brilliant strategy. Whoever did it apparently also decided to make a trophy of it. The mirror was knocked clean off, and though we searched high and low, we couldn't find it anywhere, not even at the nearby dumpsters. This is the third time that same mirror has been knocked off since I've owned the car, and the second time I'll have to order and install a replacement mirror. Goddamn it, I'm getting really sick of all the damage my car takes because I'm forced to street-park.