May 30th, 2007


More Adventures with Moving

In the continuing saga of Precarious Cat Spelunking, Sephie found the best hiding place in the apartment: on top of the ledge that was being used to block up the fireplace. >.< All her white parts were completely black; we had to take her to the kitchen sink, hold her down, and give her a full-fledged bath. She was not pleased. Neither were we. Soot everywhere, including on dishes I had just washed. But, she's clean now, the fireplace has been completely blocked off, and Sephie has now taken refuge in the cabinet under the kitchen sink. She hisses, growls, and snorts at the prospect of being moved again.

Meanwhile, there is still a ton of soot in Rochester's fur, so he might be getting the kitchen sink treatment too. At the very least, this has taught us that when we find our permanent residence, we'll have to comb the place prior to moving the cats and block off even the tiniest, most unlikely crevasses.

We found a laundromat just down the street from Ghetto Eagle, so today we did laundry and groceries. Only, what's really weird is that Ghetto Eagle, a staple of Pitt and CMU students (I remember making that late-night drinking supplies run once with lordjosh2004), is no longer ghetto. It's really nice. Clean, huge selections of everything you can imagine, underground parking available. We parked at the laundromat, though. The laundromat has parking, omg, and air conditioning and a goddamn lounge with a big-screen TV! There's also a Panera right next door, so that's where we had breakfast.

I'm really starting to like this neighborhood! If we were rich enough to afford the cute little pink-and-white bed and breakfast that's for sale a couple of blocks away, I'd totally spring for it, live there with Remy, hire people to manage the B&B, profit, live long and prosper.