May 9th, 2007


Applets, DIAF

I hate applets. Hate them hate them hate them. Can someone please tell me why an application that needs to do a lot of file system and database access, both local and remote, was implemented as an applet?

(Er, replace "implemented" with "unsuccessfully hacked together and crapped on for good measure, so now it's Tech Support's problem.")

Moreover, can someone please tell me why someone who is about to implement such a program, in this day and age, wants to do it as an applet when

a) It is also possible for them to do it as a thin client (either as a web app or a standalone app);
b) The thin client is easier to code/implement, less buggy, and can be more flexible, intelligent, and robust with security provisions than an applet;
c) If you want to do a thin web app, you don't necessarily need to code anything, as we provide a WYSIWYG editor that will generate an app for you;

*pant* *pant* *pant*