April 2nd, 2007


You can has cheezbiscuit

purrsia was awesome enough to find and post a recipe that mimics Red Lobster's cheddar garlic crackbiscuits a while back, and I gave it a go this weekend. Extremely easy to make- and if a recipe is Minna-proof, that's saying something. Lo, when they came forth from the oven, a powerful light burst from the heavens, welcoming and paying homage to these gods among men. Er wait, no... we just removed the glass fixture thing in the kitchen, which was really dimming the light from the bulbs. The kitchen is so much brighter now- like, bright enough for reading and needlepoint. I love it.

Anyway! I'm posting the recipe too. I think it's a pretty faithful reproduction; it probably would have been even better if I had used butter as directed, instead of the margarine I had on hand. Can you blame me, though? I'm within walking distance of a grocery store, but it's freaking Ghetto Chopper. Doesn't matter if you're only there to grab one thing, doesn't matter what time of day it is, your ass will be parked in the checkout line for at least 45 minutes.

Thanks again, purrsia! =)

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