February 18th, 2007


Minna.setLove(Remy, INFINITY);

Due to some interesting circumstances, I got to spend the last half of my work day Friday with Remy at my cube. Well, after I introduced/showed him off to all my coworkers. It was very nice, and more than a little surreal, heh. But I got paid one of the best compliments I've been paid in ages:

I had to test a few functions in our Java API to see if they actually did anything, or if they'd just been needlessly inherited from older classes (in which case, the Java docs should be revised). So I load up NetBeans, open a project that contains the class I'd written for testing purposes, and Remy peeks over my shoulder and says, "That's some really neat code." As in, well laid-out and well documented. That's a fine compliment for any programmer to receive, but getting it from my husband means so much more! ^_^

We're going to Plum Blossom this evening for Chinese New Year. It's a gorgeous restaurant and it's been ages since we were last there, so I'm psyched.