February 14th, 2007


Snow day snow day wooo!

Five inches of snow overnight, with an expected accumulation throughout today of two feet. Since Remy was going to be sent to do consulting for New York State, and State employees don't go to work if it's raining, he's off for the day. And I just got called and told not to bother to come in. YAY! Not that I was planning to, but my company hadn't given any official cancellation notice, so I was going to feel really guilty about staying home- even though my mom called from 500 miles away and was like, "I saw the Albany weather report. Don't go anywhere!" ;) That's me, though. I could be half dead and rotting in a sewer, and I'd be worried about whether I'd be putting too much of a burden on my coworkers/family/etc.

Anyway, I promised myself I'd make this day productive, if I actually got it off. I'll take care of some things I've been procrastinating on for months. But for now, I'm going to enjoy some coffee and an impromptu "weekend" with my husband and kittens.

Scarf Update

The scarf is 6' 3", and I have way too much yarn left. What should I do with it?

Bundle colors as "Doctor Who scarf starter kits," give away or sell at cost
Offer to knit scarves for others. Something I'd charge for, as the amount of labor involved is immense.
Make a "hers" scarf so that I match Remy- not quite as long, maybe half as wide.
Some combination of the above (elaborate in comments)
Ooh- my idea! Do MY idea! (elaborate in comments)

If you would be interested in having some of the yarn or would actually commission a scarf, I'd also appreciate you saying so here! I can't guarantee anything at this point, but if I had an idea of how much interest exists, that'd be helpful.