January 20th, 2007


New toys, squishiness, errata

Remy's quest to obtain a Wii ended successfully on Thursday, when said item shipped from Target (online). It came with Wii Sports and Madden 07. Friday morning before work, I told Remy that I planned to go to Target (brick and mortar) on my lunch hour for food and things- did he want anything? His not-serious reply was "Zelda."

So, along with cereal and other things we needed, I bought him Zelda. ^_^

The Wii is neat. Remy kicks my ass in bowling (unlike in real life, where I usually win), but I do pretty well in tennis and baseball. And having played Zelda 64, I can clue Remy in on what he should be doing in this Zelda. "Smash the pumpkin, it'll have money in it! Grab that chicken! Okay, now run off the cliff!"

Hrm. Doesn't seem like terribly sage advice outside of the proper context, does it?

Today we wound up spending most of our time with David and Helen, who took us to the gun show at Empire Plaza. Not just guns, but books, WW2 memorabilia, and jewelry as well. Remy doesn't buy me flowers often, but he did buy me a little pendant of a real rosebud encased in acrylic. =) He also got a nice .22 bolt-action rifle for a steal. We've both fired similar rifles before, they're fun.

Also, we hooked up with a guy on Craigslist and bought a new, bigger television with which to enjoy the Wii (my 13" dorm room TV wasn't exactly cutting it).

So, yeah... lots of new toys. We're going to hold off on any further toy-buying for a while.

I lost a knitting needle somewhere. Probably work- 'cause when I'm not spending my lunch hour dueling coworkers with lightsabers, I'm knitting. That's how fucking badass I am. Anyway, I hope it's at work... rather annoying, though, 'cause I wanted to knit this weekend. Ah well, maybe this'll force me to pick up my needlepoint again. I have that nice new Ott light for it and all.