January 1st, 2007


Year of *cough hack spew* ...H-health?

After the slew of crappy health problems I, my family, and friends came down with in 2006, we were all hoping we'd get to start over on a clean slate in 2007. The Year of Health, we proclaimed!

Well, so far my "Year of Health" has been filled with congestion, sinus pressure, and a stubborn on-again off-again fever. It's been like this for a few days, but I swear, I'll be perfectly fine when my vacation ends tomorrow. Thanks, Murphy.

I cleaned up/unpacked a lot yesterday, which probably aggravated things, so I'm staying off my feet today, watching the MST3K/Joe Don Baker classic, Final Justice. Poor Remy is relegated to nurse duty, but he's been an absolute angel about it. New Years' Eve was pretty quiet. We shared coffee, killed off a bottle of Asti Spumoni, and watched the Final Sacrifice MST3K (notice the "final" theme? Get it, huh huh?). I went to bed around 10:30, and spent all night in fever sleep- i.e., a grand total of five minutes' slumber interspersed between waking up too hot, too cold, too stuffed up, etc. So yeah, I was awake for midnight, but I didn't really give a rat's ass.

Today, new New York Gubna Spitzer's throwing some huge inauguration bash at Empire Plaza, just down the street. Free food, figure skating, probably fireworks. As you can tell, I won't be going; I wouldn't even be interested in going if I were healthy. In my head, "Inauguration" reeks of "Coronation," and a big gala event to appease the masses... I dunno.

Anyway, here's hoping this is as sick as I or any of us gets in 2007. Best wishes and best of health to all of you and yours!