December 30th, 2006


"Drive Hammered, Get Nailed?" Sounds like fun!

My voice is ten octaves lower than usual (when I can talk at all), I'm hacking and sniffling, and my forearm and legs are really sore. Yay colds and long road trips and the old-age inability to bounce back from it all!

My current state, however, is in no way indicative of our time in Pittsburgh, which seriously kicked more ass than any extended stay at one's parents' house has a right to. I really felt home again, like I belonged there. During previous visits, there was this strange disconnect, as though I weren't really in Pittsburgh, but in some cheap simulation of it (Truman Show, anyone?). Not so this time. And I've had some fly-by vacations before, but damn, this past week hardly even existed. It was, however, lots of fun while it lasted.

The holidays were spent with Mom, Ray, Krissy, Tootsie, and Buffy (who does an eerie imitation of Ceiling Cat). The Steelers lost and knocked themselves out of playoff contention, but a) it was nice to see a game (and omgHOAGIES!) and b) they may be able to pass that favor forward to the Bungles this week. Very good Xmas dinner, very nice Xmas haul- including a bright lamp/magnifying glass set so I can do needlepoint in our dim-as-Hades apartment, provided I can keep the cats from attempting to digest any more floss.

We saw The Pursuit of Happyness on Tuesday, which was decent. Will Smith did an admirable job. Wednesday, we met up with zra42 and price for lunch/dinner respectively (thanks again! =) ), and had a really nice time at each rendezvous. Thursday, we went to the Carnegie Science Center with Krissy- very crowded and kid-filled- then went for bowling/billiards at night. Friday, we hit the mall and got Remy a nice suit (no sales tax on clothes in PA, w00t), then headed back home, stopping at the Eat 'n Park in Grove City for one last taste of Smiley Cookie. (DUDE, you can apparently order smiley cookies online- I'll have to look into it). We put about 1,150 miles on my Saturn in total, and he took it in stride. His great triumph this trip was to go 200 miles with half a tank- about 33 MPG (he's only rated 23 MPG highway). My car is love.

We rounded things out with sudoku, knitting, Elite Force II deathmatching, Rummikub, Doctor Who, and television (a novelty for us). It rocked. Though it's good to be back with Sephie and Rochester, most of me really didn't want to leave.