October 30th, 2006


Now if only I could build a TARDIS...

This will be Remy's "fun" Xmas present this year, as opposed to the practical not-as-fun stuff he's also getting. Ostensibly it's for this Xmas, but seeing as I knit with all the haste and skill of your average garden slug, I probably won't be done with it 'til closer to next Xmas.

Yes, he already knows about it, 'cause a) he's going to see me knitting it- duh and b) I wasn't about to embark on such an endeavor if he wasn't interested!

So I'm working on gathering supplies as suggested on the site. I found an online vendor for the yarn, and will probably order that (along with a new set of needles, 'cause I have no idea where the old set is, and they're probably not long enough anyway) when I get home.

Now if only I could remember how to cast! Confound it, my plans foiled ere they could begin! ::shakes fists::

manycolored, you made one of these quite speedily and well! Any hard-earned advice you care to pass on? ;)
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