October 23rd, 2006


Work Spam Part Deux

I am, apparently, still a fatass and the laughingstock of the company. Another work inbox gem, received on Sunday from the same external sender (who totally wrote it at work on Sunday, amirite?):

Listen, I am not sure whether you got my first email or not. I am sort of concerned. People are making me feel uncomfortable and I don't like being in the middle. Some of the staff are spreading rude jokes behind your back about your weight. I personally have no problem with you being you. Please don't come back at me for informing. I just wish to help if anything.

I thought about mentioning it to a boss but then to have something like this explode is silly and embarassing for everyone involved, including you being the center of attention. If you really want to make somewhat of a difference, I know my cousin and friend both used this and it worked very well for them. They grabbed it off the internet to keep a low profile & stay confidential. This was the site they got it from, if this helps any.
[link once again omitted- you think I'm giving this wanker any business?]

Again, I don't like people insulting others behind their backs. I am only trying to help. Which I hope I am.

Thanks for at least listening & I hope I am not out of line by writing this. I am only trying to help.

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