September 14th, 2006


Driving n'at

Yoi! As if there's anyone in Pittsburgh who doesn't tailgate if the guy in front of them is doing less than ten over the speed limit. And on the Parkway? Shit, how can you avoid tailgating in perpetual bumper-to-bumper traffic?

Other popular rules of Pittsburgh driving include

a) Don't use turn signals- you'll give away your next move!


b) If you're behind someone at a red light, and it turns green, and the guy in front hasn't moved within three seconds, you're entitled to lean on your horn.

Me, I try not to tailgate (and if/when I do, because the guy in front of me is going half the speed limit or something retarded like that, I can at least see his rear bumper, m'kay?) and I use my turn signals for everything. But, I do not abide by someone sitting at a green light with a thumb up his ass. Unfortunately, upstate New York drivers are big pusses who'll tolerate anything. Everyone must see my car and think, "Oh no! It's that Pennsylvanian hosebeast who expects me to pay attention while I'm driving!"


I have a girly-doctor appointment tomorrow, my first in over two years. I'm normally not all that nervous about such things, but after my sister's surgery and cancer scare, I'm a tiny bit nervous. I'm sure I'm fine, but if given the chance to worry about something, my brain will gladly do so. In addition to routine matters, I'm going to ask questions about spawning- what we need to be aware of and such. Because, sometime in the next, oh, hundred years or so, Remy and I are planning on that.

Three more horses and it's an Apocalypse, baby!
jon with tequila


Oh good, I found it: Penn and Teller's Bullshit! episode about PETA

If you didn't already know this, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is a terrorist organization. They have contributed millions of dollars in aid to groups like ALF (Animal Liberation Front), who are responsible for attacks on humans in the war to make animals "free."

Huh. I thought humans were animals too, assholes.

PETA's stated goal is "total animal liberation." That means, if PETA had its way: "no pets, no meat, no milk, no zoos, no circuses, no fishing, no leather, and no animal testing for lifesaving medicines."

Sick, huh? A lot of animals are better off in captivity than they are out on the street or in the wild. Many animal biproducts don't require that we harm animals, even. And if we couldn't test medicines on animals, we'd have to start using humans. I volunteer these PETA fuckwads, personally.

And if you watch the whole video, you'll see the part about what PETA does with animals in its very own shelters.

If you're impatient, let me sum it up for you: they slaughter them.

"Sometimes the only kind option for some animals is to put them to sleep forever." - Ingrid Newkirk, head of PETA

Yup. The same people who claim Steve Irwin "abused" animals in the wild, and that his zoo and all others like it in the world should be shut down, those people are killing perfectly healthy animals left and right.

::runs off before she punches a hole through her monitor::
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