August 22nd, 2006


To the Grind

Back at work today, and not in training as I thought I would be. Since it's two days of training, and today's stuff builds on the stuff I missed yesterday, there's not a lot of point in me sitting in a classroom 'til 4:00 PM, scratching my head while everyone else plugs along. So, I got the student manual for the class, and the instructor's going to email me his PowerPoint presentations and the lab exercises (essentially, Java programs with holes in them that I get to fill in) and the answers. Since I like self-teaching better than sitting in class anyway, it should be no problem!

I'm also feeling much better after my day of rest. =) Just kinda drowsy/out of it right now, but that's expected with the piddly amount of sleep I got last night (I just didn't get tired enough to sleep 'til, like, 1 or 2 AM).

Yesterday was spent on the odd chore, hunting down specialists that accept our medical coverage, meeting my wonderful husband at his bus stop with a cold drink, making bruschetta and ebishumai (okay, I microwaved the latter), and completing Carth's side quest in KOTOR so that he'll sex my ridiculously light-sided Jedi.

...I'm acting naturally, and I haven't earned a single Dark Side point yet. I'm such a puss that I can't even be mean to people in a video game.
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