August 20th, 2006


Oh yes, this shit again

I've been trying to cut back on the meds gradually, incredulous that they are really necessary. My one doctor was amazed that I was taking as little Keppra as I was to begin with, so maybe I don't really need the shit, right? I cut back to 500 mg a day, and that has been going pretty well. You have to take your dosage down gradually, because the sudden lack of medicine to your system is itself enough to cause a seizure (and is probably the reason I had Seizure At Work #2).

But then I was an idiot and forgot to take several doses this weekend, and I'm paying for it. Just got over my second partial seizure (one of those dizziness/nausea spells) for the day, and I can't take any medicine 'til I go to bed (timing on this shit has to stay consistent). I'm weighing the idea of burning one of my sick days tomorrow. Even though I'll be back on my med schedule by then, there may still be reprecussions- and considering the amount of driving I have to do to drop Remy off at work and then take myself to my place of employment, most of it on highways... well, that'd be a bad place/time to have another partial, much less a full-blown one.

I'll feel bad about skipping tomorrow, though, 'cause my boss pushed to get me into software training Monday and Tuesday that would be good for me to participate in, even though I technically shouldn't be allowed to sit in on it. It's training for a specific client, and they pay extra to keep it private, I'm pretty sure, but this class comes up rarely for a public audience. I'd be there on the (false) premise that I'm "learning how to teach the class" or some such BS. They'd better not make me train at this job! ;)

I'll also feel bad because I promised lsduncan that I'd hunt up a TrueType file on my Windows box there, and I don't want to set him back a day. ^_^* I may be able to drag that file off my un-intarwebbed Windows box, though, so maybe that's a moot point.

In typical Me fashion, I dunno what I'm doing yet. We'll see.

In random news, we watched a video of Cowher talking to Stan Savran before the Steelers preseason began, and Remy's playing Civ IV as the Persians, and the units speak Farsi when you click on them. Between those two things, I'm feeling kinda homesick. ^_^*

EDIT: I was feeling better for a while, but I just had partial number three for the day. Yup, definitely not going to work tomorrow.
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