August 19th, 2006



Good news: While awaiting SoaP last night, Remy bought Civilization IV. Holy shit, is that Leonard Nimoy??

Bad news: It's a shaky port and barely runs on Souri (Remy's brand-new MacBook Pro), so there's no way in hell it'll run on Zaal (my PowerBook G4). But, we can still attempt networking a multiplayer game at some point once we're over the learning curve.

Old fogey rant: WTF is with these insane hardware requirements anymore, seriously? Why should I spend hundreds of dollars upgrading my computer every time a new game comes out? Screw that. I'll stick with my Zaal and my legacy Windows box and keep replaying games from the late 20th century, consarnit- the ones that don't need no newfangled 3D acceleration or RAM in the gigabytes! They were good games then, and goddamn it, they're good games now! And get the hell off my lawn while you're at it!

SoaP: Everything it promises to be. More creative fatalities (both snake and human) than I thought possible. Depressingly low turnout at the theater, and absolutely no one came for the Fark party. Yay Albany and all its glorious lameness.
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