July 24th, 2006


O Happy Day

This is the best mood I've been in on a Monday morning since I don't know when. I'm smiling and practically skipping down the hallways, and I haven't even had a cup of coffee yet. Perhaps it has something to do with getting to sleep in 'til 8:00, then having time to have a bowl of cereal and pretty myself up a little. Or the fact that I cleaned the hell out of the apartment yesterday and the cats haven't had time to destroy it again. Maybe it's because it's sunny out as I head to work, but not yet blisteringly hot. Maybe it's because I watched a bunch of YTMNDs before leaving for work, or because I hit upon a burst of inspiration/creativity this weekend that I have yet to capitalize on. I don't really know, but I hope it persists.

The only sad thing is that my husband is out of town this week. The cats will eventually start hounding me about it. Where's Daddy? Did you lose him somewhere? They convey their distress by various means: meowing incessantly, chewing on my hair, leaving "surprises" where they aren't welcome... ahh, cats.
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