July 8th, 2006


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My last day of teaching (hopefully ever) was yesterday. A bittersweet end. Glad to not be teaching anymore, but there are more than a few people that I'll miss. I'll be seeing them semi-regularly though, as I'll be dropping Remy off at work each morning until we come up with a better transportation solution.

It's very encouraging that pretty much everyone I've talked to about the new job says, "Oh! That's a great company!" First time I've landed a job anywhere that people have said things like that. I'm definitely psyched on that front.

The type-A anxiety hasn't hit me yet, but I expect it to sometime tomorrow. It will culminate in me triple-checking the driving directions on Google Maps (even though I've already driven there once and it was easy to find), cramming Java, quadruple-checking that I have all the necessary paperwork and forms of ID in order, doing insane amounts of housework and/or playing Baldur's Gate 2 to keep my brain distracted, and not being able to fall asleep until 3 AM or thereabouts.

I'm in a mood to dance. Might go to Abyss this evening with Remy. Because we are so, so goth.
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