March 1st, 2006


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They've become Time Nazis here at work. We're not allowed to leave any earlier than 4:30. Also, we're not allowed to end class any earlier than 4:00. No exceptions. Ah boy, we all know how well "no exceptions" policies are likely to go.

So far, I've gotten yelled at for leaving at 4:20 one day (Remy left with me, but he was not yelled at- apparently because he's worth more to them as an instructor and they don't want to piss him off), and today I got nagged at for ending a class around 3:30ish. Now, mind you, this was a class that was really light on material, and the students weren't asking many questions. The fact that I made it to 3:30 is a miracle in and of itself. Afterward, I offered to answer questions or let people play with the software if they wanted to, but everyone just left. So, it's a big no-win situation.

  • If I physically force the students to stay when they want to leave at the end, that's false imprisonment.
  • If I bullshit and slow the pace down and drag the class out to 4:00, I'll get tanked on evaluations, and stand to get fired for having low evaluations.
  • If I let a short class run its natural course, I'll get spanked by management- and maybe get fired if it happens too often? I don't know.

Grr. Methinks I should better conceal the fact that all the students have gone home. Y'know, keep the classroom door shut and lecture at air 'til 4:00.

In happier news, I'm the healthiest I've felt since I turned 24- even though my appetite is still all out of whack- and all hobbity business has officially, finally been concluded. (Cheryl darling, THANK YOU.) As of today- one year to the day, almost, that I moved to Albany- I officially co-habitate with Remy. We've been unofficially co-habitating for a while now, but now there really is just one apartment between us. We moved over all my stuff- most of it is still in a big chaotic pile in the living room- and I'm updating my address everywhere it's needed. Speaking of, gang, if you want my new addie, drop me a comment and I'll email it to you.

In sadder news, I must travel most of next week to a place called Ogdensburg, right on the Canadian border and pretty much in the midst of the country's asscrack. Joy.
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