January 24th, 2006


Roll for Sanity Check

I dodged a massive bullet today. Today, I was prepping, not scheduled to teach. Now, ever since they made me teach a cancelled class when I should've had a glorious prep day, I've been very paranoid about the same or something similar happening on my other prep days, and it damn well nearly did today.

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I'm glad I didn't let them cock-holster me on that one. Yeah, I'm the lowest of the low around here, but that doesn't give management the right to dick me around. And maybe not everyone does, but I consider a surprise three-hour round-trip to teach a surprise class "dicking around."

Now I need to see what I can do about these weekly forays to Poughkeepsie. I've been going at least once a week, sometimes twice, for the past several weeks, and the trend is going to continue 'til at least the end of February. I shouldn't always be the one traveling, should I? (The other guy's traveling most of this week, at least)

At any rate, I thought I'd be productive with my salvaged prep day, and prepped Flash. I need to teach it soon, and I've worked with it before, but the refresher was definitely helpful. I had the Kenya movie in my head the whole time I was doodling around, but when I wanted to go watch it, the Internets went down in our office. So, for amusement and practice's sake, I tried animating the lion off the top of my head. Click here to watch! Kudos to Remy for hosting. I drew the lion from memory, and obviously, my memory sucks. But, it was good practice.

We went to the mall this evening, and I now have scads of new clothes thanks to the GCs my mom sent my way for Xmas. I also got a sexy new laptop case for Zaal. And a chocolate rose from Remy. <3
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