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A Broad Spectrum

So, Spore is finally out, under a less restrictive DRM scheme than was first proposed, but the DRM remains nonetheless. With the PC version, you are allowed three installs of the game. Three. After that, you may call EA, sit on hold for a few hours, and try to beg them for a fourth install, but they'll want to know your life's history before they fork it over. Additionally, the game phones home- i.e., sends request(s) to an EA server to validate whether you're running a legitimate copy- any time you enter online play.

Fifty bucks for three installs? Am I renting the game, or buying it? This aspect is particularly retarded, and I'm far from the first person to say so. Remy and I were interested in getting the game, but not as a rental. Sorry, EA, no dinero for you.

On Fark, the discussion about EA's continued policy of treating customers like morons and criminals led several people to bring up Sins of a Solar Empire, which is apparently a kickass, DRM-free RTS that has sold boatloads of copies, just by following two simple rules of good business: produce a quality product, and treat your customers with respect.

I'm starting to covet SoaSE... probably not covetous enough to shell out for the new Windows box I'd need to play it, though. I'll have to check around and see if anyone's had good luck playing it through WINE.

Hmm. Speaking of, I wouldn't mind playing Heroes of Might and Magic V again. Oh, and VOY: Elite Force.
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