November 14th, 2005


Worklike Updatelet

As it turns out...

* I only have to go to Rochester on the 21st; I've been spared from the trip on the 28th. =) Unfortunately, though, I'm not going to get the company car. This is because our manager drives it for personal use (!), and would be without a car if I took it (!?!). The deal is, more or less, that if I want the company car, I'll have to let him borrow my car. Since there's no way he'd ever fit into my ION, and no way I'd trust him behind the wheel of my ION, I'm driving my baby to Rochester and taking the 400+-mile hit.

* I don't get to teach the Java class after all. This is because it simply never materialized. Kind of a bummer, but I can't exactly say I'm upset that I won't have to study throughout my vacation. ;)

* Tomorrow I teach QuickBooks, and Friday I teach InDesign: two programs I know exactly jack and shit about. It should prove amusing. I am too happy with how the rest of my life is going to care if I make an ass of myself.

This would have been fun to drag smokers to, were I still in The Burgh. I may remotely prod Krissy into going, though. A Hines Ward autograph would be worth it, don't you think?
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