October 3rd, 2005

jon with tequila


It was confirmed over the weekend that in addition to the laundry detergent and cheapass vodka that have gone missing in our place (?), Angel's digital camera and my purse/checkbook/spare keys are also gone, as well as my dad's high school and college rings (and possibly also a fakey diamond/silver ring I bought in Cancun- still not 100% about that one).

Now, I'm not exactly my dad's #1 fan, and I stopped wearing them years ago, but those rings were kinda important to me. Just a little. A memento of times when things between Dad and me weren't complete suckage, when I was still completely clueless about his extracurricular activities, and it was fun to spend time with the man.

Cockbiting thief. Whoever it is (probably the landlord, but we don't have definitive proof just yet), I'm going to slug him one.

Angel and Cheryl- I'm thinking about calling the police to at least report the theft and give them an idea of whom we think might be responsible. I won't do it 'til I've gotten OKs from you both, but what do you think? I'm also going to look into ordering a digital camera online.

Aside from that nugget of joy, the weekend was pretty decent. I felt bad that Remy had a cold the entire time, but I did what I could to take care of him, and he's in much better spirits now. =) I have to teach night class for the next four nights, but at least that got me off the hook for teaching two day classes (including today's, which I'm really glad I'm not stuck with, 'cause according to the instructor, it's a room half-full of clueless idiots and half-full of people that are smarter than average. It's really hard to pace a class like that and keep everyone happy).

So, I'm spending my time studying for certs (Dreamweaver and Photoshop are next in line to get tackled), and studying for upcoming classes. If only the Master Lord of Annoying Printers would actually comply with a print request every now and then... ^_^*
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