September 28th, 2005


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It's a habit of certain people around here (*coughJamescough*) to extemporaneously reminisce about the epic events of World War Three. It's a contagious habit. To wit: as Remy and I strolled downtown past the Capitol yesterday evening, we noticed a squirrel out front... no, this isn't totally verbatim, 'cause my memory sucks.

Me> He's surveilling the place. Preparing for the invasion.

Remy> Yeah, well, you remember the cybernetic squirrel invasion during World War Three... it totally decimated New York City.

Me> They had help from the Rat Coalition and the Roach Confederacy.

Remy> No one's entirely sure how the Roach Confederacy got involved.

Me> They make fantastic scouts.

Remy> Oh, yes. They can get in anywhere- but how they got organized, and who led them... there are all kinds of conspiracy theories about it, but no real answer.

Me> Well, they've been feeding us that one line for ages- y'know, how they heard they'd survive a nuclear apocalypse and got all cocky- but I'm not buying it.

And now, a bit of holiday fun stolinated from thebigfatman:

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