September 21st, 2005


I think, therefore I procrastinate

At last! Back from traveling. All in all, things went smoothly teaching-wise; I didn't get lost going anywhere, and my car performed admirably (up to 33 miles per gallon at points, yay!)- though the poor baby did lose his right rear-view mirror somewhere in PA! It'd been knocked off once before, and glued back into place. The glue held for months and months... and then, inexplicably, just flew off while I was driving home from Harrisburg. An oil change and a new mirror, please.

Anyway, a few notes of interest (or perhaps not):

* The last two days in Harrisburg, I taught at the Ft. Indiantown Gap, which is a National Guard base. I was intimidated by this at first- especially since the first thing I saw pulling into the place were sets of soldiers marching in drills (and later I caught a glimpse of some automatic firearms I'd only ever seen in movies)- but everyone I met (and taught) there was really nice. =) Scary, though, to hear that some people weren't in class as scheduled because they'd been shipped off to Iraq or Louisiana. Especially where Iraq is concerned. I've never been in favor of that whole issue, but now that I've actually met people who could be sent over there face-to-face, I really don't like the idea.

* Last Friday was mostly spent in Albany, but then Remy and I flew out to Pittsburgh that evening. Our weekend was brief, but fun. =) Mom and Ray have remodeled the house a ton; I guess all those home design shows they watch have finally rubbed off! The kitchen looks like something you could photograph for Better Homes and Gardens. Anyway, that Saturday I took Remy downtown via the T (Pittsburgh's light rail system), and we also bussed over to Oakland so I could show him the Pitt campus and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Visiting the Egypt exhibit's always a pleasure- though I still bang my head off of the tomb entrance ceiling, lol (there's a little model tomb and tomb cavern that you can crawl around in at the museum. Very low ceilings though!) At night, we went to Dave and Buster's with my sister, and one of the guys I taught at the Gap showed up, too, strangely enough.

* On Sunday, we arrived back in Albany around 4:30, and by 8:30, I was back on the road to Orangeburg. =P At least my visit there was brief. I was teaching at a psych ward- though thankfully I was teaching the staff, not the patients.

I am so glad to be home. I have today to prep for the class I'm teaching the rest of the week. Also, I have to cover a night class tomorrow night, but no big deal there. It's only one night, and being the substitute teacher means I don't have to care as much about whether the class likes me, heh heh.

I now have a glove box full of gas, food, and toll receipts to sift through for my expense report. Show me the money!!
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I knew it was a bad sign that the manager wanted to talk to me. This is just a shitty-ass month at work all around.

I was asked to cover a night class tomorrow night, in addition to the class I'm teaching in the morning. No big deal, right? One night class as a sub, then back to just my daytime schedule.

Well, now the teacher for the night class has called and said that she will no longer be teaching the night class- at all- because she doesn't feel as though she knows as much as the students do. (We're talking about shit that she's NOT TEACHING. So what if they know more than you about subject matter OTHER than what you're covering?)

Guess who's the only person who can take her place teaching night class all next week in addition to day classes- i.e., fourteen hour days?

*facedeskslam* *facedeskslam* *facedeskslam*
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