August 26th, 2005


Bad manager. No biscuit.

Sept. 11: Drive 300 miles to Harrisburg.*
Sept. 12-15: Teach I-dunno-what-yet at Harrisburg facility.
Sept. 15: Drive 300 miles to Albany after work is over.
Sept. 16: Catch plane to Pittsburgh.
Sept. 18: Catch plane to Albany. Come home, unpack, pack, drive 130 miles to Orangeburg, NY.
Sept. 19-20: Teach MS Word in Orangeburg.
Sept. 20: Drive 130 miles to Albany.


For letting them know in May that I'd be traveling to Pittsburgh in September and would need a little breathing room for that, this is what I get instead. Friday the 16th is off, that's the lone bright spot.

I'm an apps instructor, goddamnit. I don't exactly have specialized knowledge. I am easily replaced by people who are a thousand times better at teaching. You're telling me there's no one in the vicinity of Harrisburg or Orangeburg who knows how to use MS Office?

Extra kick in the nuts: I have to make my own hotel reservations on my own credit card, until they get around to reimbursing me.

Extra extra unrelated kick in the nuts: my landlord is currently showing our apartment to a real estate agent. Implications are as yet unknown.

* What, you actually think they'd pay for me to fly to these places? Or get me a rental car? AhahahahalololomgNO!!1!11!1!
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