July 28th, 2005

jon with tequila

Bureaucracy. Grr.

Paid $40 today to get a NY driver's license. Will need to pay $22.50 to obtain a duplicate title on my vehicle from PA, plus whatever I'll owe a notary to notarize the duplicate request form (it's required). Will then need to pay around another $40+ to get my vehicle registered in NY, and then shell out even more when I go for a NY state inspection.

This whole fee thing is starting to get a tad bit ridiculous.

You go on ahead. I'll catch up when I'm no longer walking funny.
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Remy and George have replaced their LJ userinfo names with quotes from my MiSTing.

I am accordingly pleased and proud. ^_^

Damnit, why can't they still be making MST3K so I can go intern for them?
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