June 17th, 2005


Memeage and othery bits

1. Reply and I'll write something about you.

2. I will then tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.

3. I will say something that only makes sense to you and me.

4. I will tell you my favorite memory of you.

5. I will tell you what animal you remind me of.

6. I'll then tell you something that I've always wondered about you.

7. Then post this in your own journal.

manycolored, my dear, feel free to yoink the icon- it's very you. ;) It was made by someone named "mindmyonk."

Despite a month's lapse, I'm happy to report that the Star Trek sim I've inherited, starshiplj, is alive and well. =) I got kinda stuck on the latest storyline, so I deus-exed us all out of it... sort of. The immediate situation was brought to a conclusion, but no one remembers what happened, so we'll have to play it out while piecing it all together. I have many naughty, nasty ideas. I'm eager to see where everyone else takes them.

Speaking of naughty nastiness, I finally disavowed myself of all traces of bad marriage today by making a stop at Social Security and changing back to my maiden name. I'm a Lunney again, woohoo! (I swear, I never thought I'd ever say that) I don't care if everyone does mispronounce it (it's not "looney," folks, it rhymes with "honey"), I missed my name.

Heads-up to Pittsburgh types: Remy and I will be visiting for a weekend in mid-September. mqstout, we are so hanging out together this time, it's not even funny!

I'm trying not to think about how hard work is going to suck next week. I have to teach a businesstard course on Monday (how to manage effective proect teams- I have been suffering from business course flashbacks while studying), and the rest of the week I'm at various client sites, teaching the same goddamn basic Excel courses for four days straight. Two of those on-sites are in fucking Massachusetts. Remy has it worse than I do, though- he has doubles for the next two weeks. Fourteen-hour days, twelve of those spent teaching. I did that once, if you recall, and it's definitely no fun at all. He's arranged for his Fridays off both those weeks, at least, but it will still suck for him and it'll suck for me, too, not getting to see him as much and all. I plan to spoil him rotten to make up for it. ::schemes, plots::
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