June 16th, 2005

jon with tequila

This shouldn't be so difficult.

But of course, everything falls to shit when the facilities guy is away. Practice files for the class I'm teaching aren't set up in my classroom, so I try guiding the students through downloading them, and yay! No internet. So, I have to move everyone to another classroom that does have practice files. But, this classroom has no projector. Cue another twenty minutes of uselessly fiddling with a broken projector until we can get a working one. And then, to top it off, the software for class isn't fully installed on the machines in that room. Lots of people have to reboot at all kinds of random times and places.

Class starts at 8:30, and we got rolling at about 10:00. That's when we're supposed to be taking our first break for the day. Holy god, and it doesn't help that half the class is composed of morons who need to learn how to fucking use Windows before they take advanced courses in Office.

In short, I've got way too much material left and no time to cover it, and I wanna go home.
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