June 11th, 2005


Musik und vielleicht etwas anderes

I was tagged by ellie:

List your current six favorite songs, then pick six other people that have to do the same:

Brace yourselves for a very weird list:

1. Strong Bad's techno rendition (watch it here)
2. Dvorak's 9th Symphony, From the New World
3. Sonic Mayhem - Anti-Logic (download it for free here)
4. Voltaire - The USS Make Shit Up (download it for free here)
5. AceCombat 04 Shattered Skies OST - Megalith Agnus Dei
6. Xenosaga II Movie soundtrack - Communications Breakdown

1. lordjosh2004
2. mqstout
3. lsduncan
4. dr_abraxas
5. purrsia
6. golden_d

Oh- and thanks to purrsia's recent struggles vs. lame-i-tude, I've got the inspiration needed to crank out the last bit of Ronixis MiSTing that I still don't have done yet. Just a little bit more of Part Six and I'll be through with it AT LAAAAST!

For those of you who have no goddamn clue what I'm talking about, Collapse )
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