March 28th, 2005


The Weekend

Too lazy to study for my classes tonight and tomorrow, so you get a post instead.

Remy and I flew back to Pittsburgh Friday night- and, as usual, Independence Air rocks. =) Cheap, good customer service, and wonderful company. Everything on IA is routed through Washington D.C., but that's not a big deal. It was really weird- on our flight from D.C. to Pittsburgh, one of the people seated in front of us was a guy I went to high school with and hadn't seen since. So, Brett and I chatted a bit, and I showed off my boyfriend. Kinda funny how he was the first of everyone I know in the 'Burgh (aside from my family) to meet Remy! The D.C.-to-Pgh. flight was also notable in that Remy spent the time creating two new airline safety mascots, Barfy and Pukella. I'll leave it to your imagination to figure out what B. and P. started life as, heh heh. ;)

Mom picked us up from the airport- we stayed in her house in Upper St. Clair- and on Saturday, we picked up the U-Haul and drove out to Robinson to clean out my apartment. Things were loaded into the truck by three categories: a) Minna's shit going to Albany, b) Minna's shit staying in Pittsburgh, and c) shit that Minna doesn't want, but that Mom and Ray want to take to Florida. They just recently bought a house in Deland, Florida, you see. ^_^

After that, Remy and I took the truck to Ikea- just a few minutes from my former Robinson apartment- and had ourselves a buying orgy. I got a cute little blue computer desk with a matching swivel chair, a tall black bookcase, and a foam mattress for the bedframe Remy's giving me. Remy bought himself a neato full-size loft bed, a little computer desk to go underneath it, a collapsible chair for camping, a light-up multi-tiered Lucite fixture, and The Cutest Nightlight Evar- he looks like a little blue Kirby, and you poke his head to turn him on and off. He so needs to make a squeak when you do that. I'll look into installing a squeaker.

Ikea! Just some oak and some pine and a handful of Norsemen,
Ikea! Selling furniture for college kids and divorced men,
Everyone has a home,
But if you don't have a home, you can buy one there!

Sorry about that. "Ikea," by Jonathan Coulton. Download it. Memorize it. Love it. And check out his other stuff too, it's hilarious. Like "Skullcrusher Mountain," which Remy and I have dubbed Our Song, heh.

Anyway- good thing I didn't end up arranging to meet with people Saturday night, 'cause we were all dead by 9:30, heh. Spent most of Sunday driving back to Albany in the U-Haul, and fortunately, that 189,000-mile POS got us home without incident. But it shook like you wouldn't believe when it idled, and had the worst gas mileage I've ever seen. Seriously, my mom's Jeep was fuel-efficient comparatively. This thing had a 12-gallon tank, and went about 80 miles for those 12 gallons. That's 6.7 miles per gallon. We had to stop and refuel at nearly every rest stop along the way, and I spent somewhere between $150 - $200 total on gas. We were stopping so frequently that my credit card company was alerted to "unusual activity," and I had to go inside to sign my receipt at one place I stopped. U-Haul shall be hearing about this.

I still have the truck, and all the shit's still in it, because we didn't feel like unloading when we got home last night, heh. Remy and my roomies and possibly some other people have pledged to help start unloading this evening- which I feel terrible about, because I'm stuck teaching night class 'til 10:00! ^_^* I'll make it up to them somehow!
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Talk about penny-pinching...

My final Pittsburgh bills looked something like this:

Gas: a little over $6.00
Electric: a little over $5.00
Phone: $0.08

Yes, that's right. Fuckers made me write out a check for EIGHT CENTS. It's going to cost nearly five times that much to mail the check. Shouldn't there be something where if your bill's under a certain amount, they consider the balance paid off and just forget about it? I mean, really, is eight cents going to make or break anybody at a national telecommunications firm?

And before you ask, yes, they do enforce ridiculously small bills like these. At Pitt, I once got a phone bill for $0.10- must've called the area code that someone down your street could have and yet is still considered long-distance, silly me- which I essentially giggled at and threw out. The next month, I not only got a repeat bill, but also a late fee attached. A late fee of one penny. Eleven cents, please.

Does this not seem like undue pettiness? I'd recommend doing a certain something with the loose change I'm sending them, but I don't think that particular orifice of theirs could accommodate something dime-sized, much less penny- or nickel-sized.

I think that last paragraph proves that a) I need more sleep and b) teaching night class tonight is going to be very interesting.