January 16th, 2005


The post that should qualify me for adult ADD

I ask you: if you piracy-protect your album to the point where it will not play on any Mac, some PC CD/DVD drives, and some car steros, then what is the frigging point of releasing the album? For all intents and purposes, you're selling $30 coasters. (Yes, $30- this CD is Japanese.) I feel gypped. The CD works in my car at least, but still.

I'm in the process of recompiling a respectable music playlist, doncha know. I managed to find a lovely thread on some forum somewhere with links to all kinds of catchy video game music. Lots of them feature dramatic Latin-singing choruses. I love those. They sound so powerful. They could be singing about neutering a goat for all I know, and yet I can't help but feel these potent vibes of awe and... potency.

There needs to be a drug that allows the user to experience an accelerated sense of time. I say this because Friday won't get here soon enough on its own. I'm going to Albany for the weekend to visit with Remy et al, plus I've got an interview, so:

long int psyched = 1000;

while (true)
psyched *= psyched;

Indeed. =) 'Course, I'm going to need negative time acceleration pills once there, so if you can hook me up with some of those too, that'd be cool.

I kinda wanna see at least a little of the Colts/Pats game, since the Steelers play the winner. Oh geez, the Steelers sure pulled that one out of their asses yesterday. I say they didn't deserve to win. Two missed field goals by the Jets, unbelievable.

Oh, and I'm in a writing mood, too. I hope it lasts. =)
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