October 1st, 2004



I was a Girl Scout for nine years. I sold many a cookie, but I got out well before this new nut racket sprang up. Girl Scout nuts. Does that not just sound wrong?

That said, the chocolate-covered raisins rock. Now if they just sold cashews, I'd be all set.
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What's wrong with me?

I may actually, seriously be going crazy. Or at least senile. That's not supposed to happen yet, is it? ={

I know I've commented on it before- how sometimes, I start thinking of something that sets off the "trigger." I don't know what the trigger is, other than a series of rapid thoughts that overwhelm my consciousness. I can't even remember what those thoughts are once I'm feeling better. Until that point, though, I feel dizzy, overwhelmed, and sometimes extremely drowsy.

This happens every so often, and it happened again this afternoon, as I was leaving my desk to go home. The scary thing is, this time it affected me so badly that I actually forgot how to get to the bottom floor of my building. It's not a complicated process- stairs or elevator. But I was just stumbling around, seeing without really seeing anything... I ended up walking into the mens room, for Chrissake. And yes, people saw me do it. I didn't know it was the mens room at the time, though- it just looked like a dead end, so I turned around and walked myself toward the door on the opposite end of the hall, which, thankfully, was a stairwell. Every landing I descended, I wondered if that was the one I had to get off on. I have to go to the ground floor, but I couldn't remember that for the life of me.

By the time I got to the ground floor, I was feeling a little more cognizant and in control. I panicked just briefly, thinking I had also forgotten how to drive home, but I made myself run through the steps in my head and they were all there. So, now I'm home and I'm okay, but I'm kinda creeped out. If that had happened in the middle of my driving, I probably would've been a pancake on the highway.

Has anyone heard of any neural/psychological conditions even remotely like this? I don't know where to begin searching. I can't just let this continue, because it's obviously getting worse. And before anyone asks, I got a decent amount of sleep last night (six hours), and the only drugs I consume on any sort of regular basis are caffeine and ibuprofen. Had some tea this morning, but no Advil.
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