September 30th, 2004


A good day full of hot tooth-on-tooth action

As a natural language processing nut, I find this shirt to be cute. This one is awesome, too- but not available as a babydoll. Damn. I like regular t-shirts just fine, but I like form-fitting ones even better. Then there's that "pointy ears turn me on" one at okay, I'm shutting up now.

More days need to be like this one. I overslept for a grand total of eight glorious hours, and made it in to work around 8:00. Fire drill at 10:00, building was evacuated. Left work at 12:30 for my dentist appointment. Was done and home by 3:00- cleaned the crap out of the apartment, did laundry and dishes, finished writing thank-you cards, practiced some dancing, made myself dinner (Nick's out visiting his family this evening). I feel so accomplished (see? The bouncy alien does not lie). It's so nice to be home on a weekday during normal business hours. 'Course, now I'm spoiled, and tomorrow is going to drag.

The dentist visit went well. My normal dentist wasn't there, but his alternate was very nice. He said I had a pretty smile, and a horrible bite, LOL. He has a point- when I bite down, maybe six of my teeth end up touching one another, and I can stick about a fourth of my tongue through the gap; it's a pretty severe overbite. They tried to fix it when I had braces, and it worked, but soon after reverted to the way it was. I don't care, really, since my teeth have at least stayed straight.

And, as I suspected, my two remaining wisdom teeth are turning to shit, and need yanked. I'll have to set up an appointment for that soon. It shouldn't put me out of commission at all- my wisdom teeth grew in normally, so I can pop a few Advil afterward, shove some cotton in my mouth, and I'll be good to go. Poor Nick, on the other hand- what a contrast. If you'll recall, all four of his were impacted and literally falling apart in his mouth. He was doped up on three medications for weeks!

Ooh- and I love all the freebies they give you afterward. Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash- that's like $15 worth of stuff! <-(Bargain Whore)
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