September 24th, 2004


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Breath of Fire 4 is a lot of fun. And Emperor Fou-Li is hot. ::points::

Mom left for Iran on Tuesday- haven't heard anything about her progress, but I'll keep trying to call my sister and find out what she knows.

We gave Nick's mom some gambling money for her birthday, and tonight she and Nick are heading out to Wheeling Island to play with it, and hopefully hit big on something (though that never happens). I don't tend to go on those excursions often because a) I'm just not that big on gambling and b) the air filtering system there sucks, so within an hour, my eyes and head are protesting the cigarette smoke. The Vegas casinos were much better in that respect... then again, that's Vegas and this is West Virginia.

C'mon, Pittsburgh riverboat gambling! If anything could dig the city out of its budget crisis... does anyone know if it's been approved yet?

So anyway, I'll have the apartment to myself all evening. Much geekery will be had.
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