September 4th, 2004


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Okay, I have to do this and get it off my chest so I can attempt to enjoy the rest of the weekend. I have no experience with anything remotely like this, and I fear I'm being irrational because of it. Please bear me out on this one, I'm sorry.

Dear Kaveh,

You don't read my LJ, but the point is probably moot now. We received your note in the mail today, neatly addressed, neatly signed, outlining all the reasons and all the hurt. I hope with everything in me that you didn't actually go through with killing yourself, but since the cheating wife who drove you over the edge has left town suddenly, presumably heading out to where you are, I fear my hope is in vain.

Our family met you and your wife in the mid-90s. We didn't know many Iranians, so it was really nice to find out that soon, you'd also be in Upper St. Clair. We shared a lot of good times in one another's houses. We went to Kennywood together- you rode the Skycoaster with my sister, I was too scared to. We went out to dinner a lot, too. Once, you even let my sister and I stay in your house for a few days while our parents went on business trips. You were a great friend of the family, and I always enjoyed seeing you. You were devilish, incredibly intelligent, had a fantastic sense of humor, and you really enjoyed life. You were often more loving to me than my own dad was. I remember sometimes how you would grab me up in a "squeezie," you called it, and just hug me until I thought I'd pass out. I had no doubt you would make an excellent father, and you were. I haven't seen you much in the past few years while I was in college, but I've never forgotten you.

Please, please be okay. Please let someone have found you before you went through with it. I hope you reconsidered a thousand times and decided it wasn't worth it. I've tried searching for your name in news articles online, but I can't find anything. I don't know who has your contact information; I don't even know where you are exactly. I'll keep searching until I know for sure.

Either way, I love you and I wish you only good things. I'm so sorry I never told you these things earlier. You did not deserve what happened.

EDIT: Just got the confirmation from my mom. Rest in peace, Kaveh aziz-am.

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