July 26th, 2004


I'm on a lunch break, so you suffer

Friday: Had a great time at lordjosh2004's farewell party. Was much amused by a) Brett downing all that Mad Dog and singing to Josh about certain illicit acts with his family members, b) "Red vs. Blue," Staplerfahrer Klaus, and those funked-up GI Joe PSAs, c) the Irish Car Bomb, and d) "Super Troopers," which was probably all the funnier because half of the viewing audience was tipsy. Not me, though. I'm not much of a drinker- even though it's probable I inherited my alcoholic dad's Liver of Steel- and besides, I had to drive myself home afterward. Did try some of mqstout's wine, though, which was really good. Also got a pic of Lord Josh igniting the barbecue pit into a massive fireball of toasty goodness. Pics will be shared once I've expended the film in this here disposable...

Saturday: Watched Jeff and Nick play Dark Wizard. Zonked the fook out by 9:30 PM. All attempts to revive me proved futile. That was really weird; I've never done that before.

Sunday: Up at 8:30 AM. Gassed up the Jeep, refilled its tires and coolant (why does everything go wonky with that car whenever my mom's out of town?), then went a little crazy on discount DVDs at Giant Eagle. For $10 each, I brought home "Small Soldiers," "Finding Nemo," "Ferris Buhler's Day Off," "Malibu's Most Wanted," and "Tommy Boy." Haven't seen two of 'em, didn't care.

Next weekend, I'll be back in Oakland with Nick to finalize stuff at our ceremony site and pay off the remainder of the fee. Then we'll be seeing mqstout for ice cream thereafter (can I take a pic with you then, Daryl, please? =) ).

Also, nine days and counting 'til my Bachelorette Night. Just me and my sister on this grand escapade; I don't exactly have a lot of girlfriends. Details forthcoming.
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