June 18th, 2004


Hurry up and enjoy already

This is my last weekday as a "free" woman, per se, so I'm not gonna spend much time on LJ. But I did want to thank everyone who visited/commented on the site! ^_^

This has been a shitty year as far as anniversaries go. First Kurt Cobain, now Flight 427. Well, that won't be 'til September, I'm pretty sure, but Court TV ran a special just recently on the investigation into the crash that I had seen before, but didn't want to see again.

That was a miserable time for a lot of people around here. My sister was pretty good friends with the one girl who was killed along with her entire family. I remember seeing her myself a few times, and visiting her house when her mom hosted Girl Scout functions. Krissy had said that her mom always used to tell them, "Life is too short." What terrible irony.

There were three or four kids who died during the years I was in grade/high school, and I didn't know any of them particularly well, but I still think about them, think about how in a way they're still that young and I'm this old, and how things might have been different.

427 crashed just a few days before I started seventh grade, which in my district meant going to a new school (our district has three schools for K-4, one for 5-6, one for 7-8, and one for 9-12). I remember many of the teachers crying.

They built a memorial in front of my old elementary school, which I'm sure is going to get some attention soon. Anyway, I'm about to turn off the computer and go enjoy the time I've got.
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